Simplifying your Realtor Search

Connect with Our Trusted Realtors

Even before signing an employment contract we were looking at homes in Roanoke. After we signed, we had a hard time getting in touch with our initial realtor. That’s when we asked for a referral and met the team that found us our dream home in days. We want you to have the same personalized experience we did!



Personalized Service


The realtors we recommend are premier relators who are very personable. With years of experience and a history of positive client reviews, we know you will be treated like family!




They work Around the clock to make sure you don’t miss an opportunity


Roanoke’s market is fast moving in the zip codes most desired by physicians. The competition isn’t stressful when working with a realtor that knows listings before they even hit the market.  




Expert understanding of physician’s loans 


Our realtors are experienced with writing up offers for those with a physician’s loan, in addition to all other loan options. They have worked with 100s of doctors.




Know Roanoke well


They are local experts who live in Roanoke and own residential and commercial rental properties all over the surrounding areas. Being invested well in the community themselves, they want to help protect your investment as well. 




Understand Appraisals


How appraisal numbers are calculated can differ by location. Our realtors understand their algorithms to help you when making an offer on your dream home or getting top-dollar on your resell!