Furniture stores in Roanoke, VA offer a variety of styles for each room of your home. We have several great locally owned and operated furniture stores. These furniture stores have great staff ready to help you with interior design and furnishing your home here in Roanoke.

One of the challenges of moving is whether to pay to move furniture. Personally, I’m in the camp of starting all over with large pieces. Practically, it’s hard to know how well wood finishes and legs will hold up when moving from place to place. Aesthetically, I love the idea of freshly arranging a new space to be representative of our new season.

Of course, there are some pieces of furniture that may have been passed down from generation to generation with memories and history attached. If they fit your style and bring joy, there is certainly nothing wrong with keeping family heirlooms. And if they don’t, it might be time to hang those memories with black and white photo of loved ones. Moreover, it seems that the more transient generations are learning to let their furniture go to someone else without the guilt.

Locally Owned Furniture Stores

Here are our favorite locally-owned furniture stores. Make sure to read about the newest, Txtur, which is locally crafted with sustainable materials and just a 6-8 week timeframe on custom orders!

Grand Home Furnishing: In addition to Grand Home Furnishings two main stores they also have an outlet. The Grand Home Outlet makes for a great option for discounted pieces for those on a budget or need a piece asap.

Magnolia Furnishings: Magnolia is a residential design firm and retail store that strives to help clients create a serene and cozy space through the use of clean and classic elements. Their retail space allows clients to see the quality of their products and lines while allowing them to get a sense of our overall design style.

Reid’s Fine Furniture: Their furniture store displays renowned brands such as Stickley, Ekornes Stressless, Nichols & Stone, C.R. Laine, Charleston Forge, and American Leather to deliver fine furniture that is stylish and lasting.

New Furniture Store in Roanoke

The newest furniture store in Roanoke, VA is Txtur. Their furniture is locally made as well. Txtur of Roanoke, Virginia creates solid, long-lasting modern furniture that feels like home. Operating as a commercial manufacturer for over 80 years, they believe that furniture is not a disposable commodity. Each piece is designed for a long and loveable life.

Their team of 200 craftspeople creates everything from start to finish here in Roanoke. They take a Factory to Family Room approach. Their approach links you directly to the crafters, ensuring that there are no middlemen and no hidden costs. And no DIY assembly!

At Txtur, “green” isn’t a corporate buzzword, sustainability is the cornerstone of their mission. From sawdust created in their factory to excess foam and fabric, they reuse any and every material possible. Even with sustainable manufacturing, their price points for their quality is competitive even with the cheaper manufactured furniture on sites like Wayfair. And they have just a 6-8 week delivery time on custom orders.

Upcycling Program

In addition, Txtur’s upcycling program is their unique commitment to you and the environment. They take Txtur furniture you no longer need or wish to change and completely remanufacture it, saving the raw materials. Upcycling prevents enormous environmental waste. For those who move frequently, this gives you the freedom to relocate, change your design, and live without your furniture weighing you down. Their team of 200 craftspeople creates everything from start to finish here in Roanoke. They take a Factory to Family Room approach. Their approach links you directly to the crafters, ensuring that there are no middlemen and no hidden costs.

If you are searching for new furniture, head over to Txtur’s fun showroom on 9th Street SE, Roanoke, VA 24013. Or give them a call (540)-305-3039 for a design consult with one of my favorite interior designers!

Txtur Furniture Showroom in Roanoke, VA
living room furniture roanoke, va at Txtur showroom

As your relocation specialist, we at The White Coat Wife are here to help you make a home here in Roanoke Valley. We know that finding a house and then making it feel like home is a process and much of that is connecting to the community. Whether it’s finding local furniture stores that deliver quality and great customer service or finding a community of friends that share similar hobbies, we are here to connect you! Feel free to contact Kristen directly here at hello@thewhitecoatwife.com or fill out our Contact Card.

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